Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleeping Too Much?...and Other Fun

It's been a little while since I updated and we've been staying pretty busy. Fi had a great time with all of the Halloween activities over the past couple weeks. We visited the pumpkin patch...sort of twice, hung out with some her friends and did 3 different trick or treat days. She didn't get a ton of candy which was fine with me. She looked adorable dressed as Cinderella.

I called her ped office 2wks ago as she'd had some tummy troubles, and her yeast infection was going on 3 weeks and getting worse despite using a topical med the entire time. We decided to go ahead and try Fluconazole (aka diflucan), we did 10mg for a week in addition to the Nystatin. Well around day 5 things started to look better and her yeast infection was gone at day 7. I was excited and thought we were in the clear esp since we've recently started potty training and she's spending less time in diapers. Well to my surprise it was back in full force yesterday and today she was complaining about it hurting.

She also has been sleeping, what we think may be a ton. She will often nap for 4 or more hours during the day and is still sleeping around 12 hours per night. I discussed this with the nurse when I called today and she said we just need to watch her because without any other symptoms they're not really worried about who knows. She was however concerned about the yeast infection and said that we can try Nystatin again for a couple days, but if it doesn't work we need to come into the office.

I've tried to find any info on recurrent yeast infections in children and what can cause them but I've come up empty handed...but i don't think it was: bubble baths, baby soap, laundry detergent, non-zinc based diaper cream, or the wipes we were using since we've eliminated all of those things and she's still getting them.

But the big news of the week....Fi got her ears pierced!!!

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