Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And So the Plague Continues

Fiona has now been sick for 2 wks. We've been to the ped a total of 3x and just ended our long streak of avoiding the ER. Yesterday I brought Fi back into the ped clinic since she was not improving at all and her cough was actually getting worse. Again everything checked out on her, clear lungs, throat, and ears. The said that she might be at the beginning of a sinus infection, but did not want to give her antibiotics yet. We were sent home and told to watch for any green or brown mucus being coughed up, or coughing until she throws up.

So again we went home and she was up a bunch last night. In the meantime since she's been sick she's been constipated on and off but honestly that's not out of the norm for her, esp when she's sick. Well when we went to the ped yesterday I didn't think anything about it. Today I noticed that she wasn't wetting diapers so I called her ped. They advised me to head to the ER since if I went to the clinic they would send us in to be admitted.

It took me awhile to track down the stuff for our hospital visit bag since I stopped keeping one together after going so long with no real bumps in the road. We didn't even have to wait and the triage nurse was very nice. She noticed that her heart rate was a little high at 130 and pulse ox a little low for Fi at 94%. So when we got in the room the hooked her up to the pulse ox to keep an eye on this. They were also convinced she had a fever, which she didn't.

The decided to cath her and get a urine sample thinking she had a UTI. The results came back clear, so they said that they thought her stool being impacted was the problem. We opted to go for an enema clean out there because if it didn't work at home I didn't want to be right back.

Poor Fiona was literally punching herself in the stomach and yelling it hurts, I felt terrible for her. I almost cried watching her, it was bad. After about 15 min she was cleaned out and fell asleep. Sure this is a TMI but in the grand scheme this wasn't that much poop, nothing like the amt I've seen with cleanouts in the past. I'm a little doubtful that this was the problem and if she doesn't start peeing by 10pm I'm taking her to the ER at Children's Hospital because I don't feel like we're getting anywhere with this particular illness at Tulane.

I'll add some pics in a bit...waiting for them to upload

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