Sunday, April 29, 2012

Disney, ER, GI and A Princess Birthday

I'm slacking with the updates...forgive me, we've had so much going on!

On April 7 Fi and I headed out to Orlando. We had an awesome time and got to see my mom, as well as some of our other family who actually live an hour away from Orlando.  The highlight of our week in FL was of course going to Disney.  Fiona loved meeting Mickey and Minnie and the Princesses. Her favorite rides were Snow White and the Tea Cups (which she calls the soup Wish we could have stayed on vacation forever.

When we got home it was back to work for me and back to causing trouble for Fiona. She was acting tired, then she started running a high fever wt hich we were having trouble bringing down. We ended up in the ER where she was diagnosed with a URI, and we were just told to keep up with the meds.

The next morning we had GI. Dr F said Fi looks great, except that in a huge shocker (jk) Fiona isn't growing...again. I figured this would happen with going milk protein free again. Fi's around the same size she was in Oct, however Dr F only seemed concerned about her drop over the last month...yeah whatever, I saw the chart and I know it's a bigger issue. She's always struggled and now I'm worried that we're looking at going back on a formula, but I'm not convinced Fiona will drink it if we have to go that route.

The next day (Fri) Fi wouldn't drink or eat anything and was complaining that everything was too hot. So we got squeezed in at Dr Es. Dr E checked her throat, which the ER had not. Well her throat was full of ulcers so she started her on antibiotics. Luckily, Fi was really doing better a couple days thankful she was better in time for her birthday.

Which brings me to yesterday...Fiona turned 3! Yes birthdays are a big deal for any child, but when you've gone through everything she has, it's an even bigger mile stone to celebrate. We had a small Princess pool party and Fi had a great time. She spent most of it pretending to be a pirate and playing with her bestie Lydia. She got lots of awesome gifts and wished for a boat when she blew out the candles. My baby is officially a big girl.

It was 3 yrs ago today that my precious newborn was taken from my arms for an echo to investigate her  "innocent heart murmur" and a few hours later she was in the NICU, critical and being stabilized.  Today is the anniversary of the day our worlds were forever changed, "there's something wrong with her heart." I will post more tomorrow on her heartiversary...but April 29th , even being one of the worst days of my life, is also one of the best. It is never far from my mind that she could have easily gone undiagnosed until it was too late, so it truly was a blessing in disguise.