Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well Monster Check Up

Fiona had her 3 yr checkup to day with Dr E and she did awesome. She is still 27lb 4oz, but she grew an entire inch!!!! Yes lots of exclamation points, because that's a BIG deal in this house, in 2 wks she's grown more than she did in the past 8months! She's officially 3ft tall. Since she did grow in height Dr E said that she's fine with the lack of weight gain, esp since her BMI is good.

As far as development goes she's pleased with how Fiona is doing. We have a couple things to work on, but nothing major. She thinks preschool is going to be great for Fi. One of my concerns was her skin picking, Dr E told me it's a losing battle and even if she gets and infection from doing it, oh well, hopefully she'll outgrow it by the time she's seven. On the topic of preschool we hope to visit the one that we've pretty much chosen soon. I'm also going to set up an apt with the district to get her evaluated (which I guess we should have done long ago).