Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

I feel like all we've been done is run around like crazy people! My work has been a little chaotic to say the least so that hasn't helped. I was off on Tuesday, so we went to get my car worked on (new tire, oil change, fuel system clean, air filter , wipers etc). We spent 3 freakin hours playing in Walmart waiting for it to be done. While we were there I had called her ped office about a few different things, a low fever that's been going on for over a week on and off, flu shot, refill and her stupid yeast infections.

Well I figured they'd just have us come in sometime later in the week but to my shock and happiness they said they were pretty much open anytime all week so just call when my car was done. Called them at 2:15 and had an apt for 2:30, now that is awesome! We got there and went through triage and in another happy moment she is now, ready for it, 27lb 4oz!!! All I can say is wow Scandical! It's helping sooo much, I really can't even believe it.

They checked her out and said that the fever was most likely just viral since they found no source, which is always nice. She does in fact have yet another yeast infection though :-( we've done everything we can do prevent them and they're still coming all the time...I'm considering trying a modified diet to help prevent them, but I'm not going to completely take every fruit etc out of her diet, that would be nuts and I don't think it's worth it.

She also got her flu shot and did awesome, not a tear, and barely even a whimper. She's such a tough little cookie. I was very happy that she didn't spike a fever after the shot because she has in the past. The only issue that I've noticed since she got the shot is that she has been having really lose stools. Had to stop the miralax which I really don't like to do because she often gets very backed up after having the opposite problems, at the same time we don't want her dehydrated so it's what we had to do. I'm not sure if the poop issues and the Flu shot are connected since I haven't seen it listed as a side effect, but I don't see why it couldn't be.

Today is my other off day and we started it where else, but at Walmart, we had to go in because they overcharged my acct by almost $50 last week. Everyone was rude to me about it, as if it's my fault and despite having called about it yesterday and being told I needed to come in Thu between 6am and 3pm, no one knew anything about it. Such a frustrating situation. I still can't believe that not one of the 3 associates that I spoke with today in the customer service apologized at all for the mistake, at least I got my money back, but there have been times where I wouldn't have been able to go a week missing $50 from my acct.

After that drama I took Fi to Chuck E Cheese for about an hour. She had a great time and it was a good time to go since it was all little kids since the big ones are all at school. It was really calm in there which I appreciate because my nerves were a little frayed from Walmart. Since then we've just been running erands, and Fi is supposed to be napping now. I'm a little concerned that she has not peed yet today, but she has been drinking so hopefully it's no big deal. Now I feel like I need a nap just from typing that and we still have a ton more to get done!

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