Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Endocrinology Etc

Since my last post Fi has definitely improved. She's hardly even coughing, peeing normally and back to her normal self. She has been peeing regularly so I suppose despite my doubt they may have been right. I actually think she's still somewhat constipated so we're working on getting her back to her baseline and after talking with Dr E yesterday we decided that when Fi gets sick we need to boost her miralax.

We had a good Thanksgiving even though Fi was a total grouch and melting down about nearly everything. Did some Santa duty black friday and worked it as well, but I survived both...happy that it's only once a yr.

Now onto Endo. We got into to the car and Fi was fussing and I was like oh great, and then the radio came on and was playing "All of Me" (love that song) she quieted down and I was sure everything would go well today. Dr Vargus was awesome!!! But the best part of the apt was that we found out that Fi is just little. I asked about continuing her high cal diet and he basically shrugged and said we could if we wanted, but she's just going to be small. He said it was clear that she had some issues with growth at one point, but seems to be past it now. What a relief!

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