Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Sick Little Monkey

So Fi has pretty much been sick for the last week (fever started last wed). She had fever for 2 days. Friday I woke her up and was excited that she didn't have a fever. She was very grumpy though and a couple minutes after waking up she puked. It was all bile since she hadn't eaten the day before. Well since I had missed work 2 days already I decided to go in. As soon as we got to her Dad's house she threw up again. The whole day she kept throwing up and we had skipped her miralax because of that, didn't want to dehydrate her. Well that night her tummy was hard and distended, which freaked me out since she was vomiting and hadn't eaten...long story short she was constipated :-/

Saturday she woke up, no fever, no puking just completely back to her normal rotten self. Going crazy from being home all week we ventured out to a couple stores and got some xmas craft stuff. It was an uneventful day and I was sure she was better...until Sunday

Sunday she woke up with a little bit of a cough, mentioned it to her dad when he picked her up and didn't think much of it. She ended up being up all night coughing her voice got very raspy and he text me at work to say that we needed to get her in to the doctor. So I called yesterday and left a message saying we needed to be seen again, they called back my cell and I was at work so I had to call and leave another message, with another frickin person and tell them all the same stuff.

They called me back the 2nd time at after 1pm so there was no chance of getting in same day. So we made an apt for 1st thing in the AM. Laz (Fi's dad) who usually never worries when she gets sick was worried that we'd need to go to the ER because she was really sick. He told me to see her and decide what I thought was best. When she got home she seemed okay. It is a really yucky cough but I thought we should wait.

So I brought her in this morning. They weighed her and at 1st it said 26lb 6oz but then it was 26lb 8oz after a couple minutes? Regardless this means she's lost a 1/2 lb since Thu and considering how hard it is to get her to gain it kind of sucks. The good news was that they didn't find anything wrong, ears, lungs, and throat are all clear. So they think that she just has a nasty virus and we need to just let it run its course. I would have preferred that they get a better look at her throat though, she was fighting them so much...the resident said she got a good look, but Fi was wiggling so much I'm not sure how she could have. I just can't imagine that with how hoarse she is her throat is not at least red?..Maybe I'm wrong.

At this point I just hope she gets better quickly and we can avoid going back in. We all need some good sleep and healthy time :-)

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