Friday, November 11, 2011

We Have the "Plague"

So the past week, to put it mildly has sucked completely. It started when I got a tickle in my throat last Friday. Saturday it was sore, but not awful, Sunday it was a little worse. By Monday night I felt like I was dying. I barely made it through my shift at work and when I woke up the next morning I knew I couldn't make it through another. So I stayed home and just laid around all day with Fi and figured I'd be better by the morning.

Well as it became night I realized that I was only getting worse and was actually considering going to the ER, but decided to go buy some OTC stuff and suck it up. Stayed home again Wed. Well in the AM I noticed Fi felt warm, took her temp and it was a little high (which btw was not a symptom I'd had). I was mad because I thought for once Fi would be spared the illness. By Wed night Fi was burning up (fever was almost 103), but she was refusing all fever meds.

Finally got her to take some and called the ped office in the AM. Brought her in and Dr E examined her and said it was most likely viral, but hard to say at that point since fever was her only symptom and everything looked ok. We came home and took it easy, fever stayed around 101-102 all day. Gave her some ibuprophen so she'd sleep better and went to sleep (which I hadn't really the night before)

Well I had to be up at 6 for work and I tried to go to sleep early. Fi was out at 9:30, but I was up all night hacking up a lung. So I was exhausted this morning. Got Fi up at 6:40 and she whined like no other and insisted that she was sleeping. Usually she's not so angry. Brought her downstairs and 2sec later vomit...good news no fever though. So I call her dad because I need to leave for his house like now, and here she is puking, so he said just bring her. I thought for sure she'd puke in the car but she held off until we got to his house. Talked to him at 12pm and he said she was still puking and won't drink. Since then she's actually drank a little and peed twice (which she hadn't done since yesterday afternoon) I hope we can keep her hydrated, may call and see if we can get her some zofran.

So we've been busy being sick and I forgot to mention the craziest symptom I've had is that when I sneeze my chest, arms, ribs etc feel like a bomb went off and burn for minutes's awful, I call it the death sneeze, and funny enough when I googled death sneeze it turns out you can in fact die from sneezing.

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