Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Month

Wow, I can't believe I didn't post an update for whole month. We were super busy with the holidays, esp since I was working crazy hours in retail which wasn't much fun at all. Going in to December I decided to give Fi a month off from scheduled doctors visits. My plan didn't really work because Dr Charles' office called to move up Fi's apt from Jan 09, to Dec 20. Luckily, she stayed healthy all month and it ended up being our only doctor visit!

My mom came to spend the holidays with us in New Orleans and she was such a big help with Fiona, I really wish she lived closer to us! After one day here with Fi's insane sleep pattern that she picked up while she was sick all of Nov, my mom told me, "no wonder you're always tired"'s nice to hear from someone else that your exhaustion is well earned.

We took Fiona to celebration in the Oaks and she actually had fun this year. She loved all of the pretty lights, story land and most of all she liked the train display. It was nice to be able to have my mom go, it's such fun holiday tradition here.

On the 20th we saw Dr. Charles. Fi is back up to 27lb and still 34.5 in. He was really surprised that when we had gone to the ER for the lack of urine output they didn't do an xray or anything to verify an impaction before doing the enema. He agreed with me that it was not likely the cause. So it's still a mystery? Oh well. He wants us to start giving her fiber again (which I'm a little iffy on) but I guess we can give it a shot even though it was a nightmare last time. He also wants us to give her miralax in less liquid so she'll consume it faster since it's ineffective after 20min and she rarely drinks that much that quickly. He also acted a little concerned that her murmur seemed louder, but she hasn't had any symptoms so we'll just stick with our march apt for cardio. By far the best part of this apt was that they let her pick a toy for xmas! She picked a little pink cell phone. We go back in 2mon for follow up.

We had a lot of fun gearing up for xmas. Fi got to see Santa and she actually gave him a hug this yr! On Christmas Eve we baked cookies for Santa and I learned that I only need to make red frosting next year since it was the only color Fi liked. She loved dumping sprinkles on them and we left cookies and milk out for Santa. Funny girl that Fi is, she dumped the milk on the cookies and laughed, "milk and cookies for Santa."

Christmas day she got to open all the gifts that Santa brought including a Slide Set, 4 dollies, clothes, lots of books and DVDs and some special presents from Uncle Keith and Aunt Amanda (a leap frog explorer, rock n roll mickey and cookie monster that gobbles cookies). So much for a small

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