Thursday, February 2, 2012

She's Full of Poop and I'm Vindicated

I don't think ever in history has any parent heard the words, "I reviewed the films and you're right, she's completely full of stool", and felt like doing a happy dance as much as i did. It's not that I didn't know it, but it was sooo good to hear that I, the measly parent, do know what constipation looks like in my child.

Unfortunately this means another cleanout, if you're keeping tabs that's number 3 in the past month and they are no fun. Basically it involves giving nothing but clear liquids and laxative until she poops clear. This is a miserable process and usually involves many tears shed and a very grumpy little girl.

Once we are finished with this Fiona will go back on a milk protein free diet and we will trial using soy milk. Hopefully this will be the change that helps. In 2 months we'll follow up. If we've seen an improvement then we'll stay just milk free, if we're in the same spot we are now she will have to go back on an elemental formula like Elecare Jr. It's really tricky to do such a restrictive diet, so we don't want to have to go that extreme yet.

On a side note February is CHD awareness month...I'll do a heart post soon...but for today it's all about the poop :-)

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