Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Having Some Smooth Sailing (knock on wood)

After 2 ER visits, 2 cleanouts with clear liquids and an increased laxative dosage Fiona is finally doing better. We will be seeing our GI at Tulane on Feb 2nd (their soonest apt with double booking) and we will be keeping out Feb 23rd apt with her GI at Children's. I really want to try to come up with the best plan of action so I'd like to know what they both have to say, since this is out of the norm for her.

I really hope at the Children's apt we can talk some about getting her into GI behavior therapy since we really want her to be able to start pre-k (wow I can't believe I'm saying that about my baby) in the fall. So far we've been told to hold off on potty training until other issues are under control, but I so don't want her to miss out on the school experience because of something as silly as potty training.

Hoping that we can keep her feeling well, esp since she's had such a hard time growing and when she's impacted/ during cleanouts she can't eat or hold anything down, so I'm worried about it in that aspect as well. For now though, I'm going to enjoy having my boogie back (even if it means hearing all about beautiful flowers at 2 am).

On a side note, please keep Fiona's heart buddy Graycen in your thoughts and prayers. She is 16 months and has HLHS, she's currently in ICU battling a bacterial and fungal infection in her blood that has gone to her heart. She will be in the hospital for at least a few months undergoing IV treatments, if they don't work she will need a valve replacement, and she currently also needs the Nissen surgery to prevent aspiration. She's a tough little chicken, but she's very sick and needs all the prayers she can get.

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