Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Urology Appointment

Yesterday we had our 1st uro apt. Despite being exhausted from having to get up extra early it was awesome because being the 1st apt of the day we were in and out in a little over an hour! First like always they went over her history and why we were there. Then they took her to US. It was a very quick one to measure her bladder, then back to the room to wait on the doctors. 1st the resident came in talked to us for awhile taking more history. She then told us that Fi's US showed that her bladder capacity is really high for an almost 3yr old, and that despite having soaked wet diaper right before the scan she was still about 60% full.

Then we waited for her to come back with the urologist. He said, "she clearly has alot going and I'm not surprised that she's having urinary problems" It was good/ not good to hear that, I always worry that a new specialist will look at her and be like, um, why are YOU here?

Anyway, for now he just wants us to watch her and how things play out. He feels that her constipation is a big factor in the urine retention. He also said that until we really attempt potty training we won't really see what the true extent of the urinary problems are or really be able to try to work on them with her. So he wants us to go ahead with the behavioral therapist to work towards potty training and come back in 3-6 months.

For now he gave us some info on how to try to prevent UTIs, since she's now at high risk for getting them, and also some other things to try to help get rid of the damn yeast infection. He says if we're still battling the yeast when we come back that he wants to do some further testing to see why she keeps getting them. Since it was a first visit and she's not potty trained he's waiting until our FU to decide if she needs to have urodynamics etc preformed. Overall it was a good apt, however, I'm not really thrilled that his only solution for when she has the screaming in pain episodes which have landed us in the ER twice is to give her motrin. At this point, I know that the pain will eventually stop and probably not bring her to the ER right away, but with a toddler it's hard to distinguish exactly what is causing the pain and I'd hate to miss something because it's just "bladder pain".

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