Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesome Cardiology Visit!

Today was Fiona's 6 month follow up for cardiology and it went amazing. First off during triage we found out that Fi finally grew. Yes, you read that right, she is now 26lb 8oz and almost 35in tall. That means she's gained 4 oz and almost an entire inch in the last 2 weeks! After that we went to sit in the little regular room and waited to have her EKG done. She was such a good girl. When they came in and put on her stickers she just sat there and watched. She sat still and after she had fun putting the stickers on me.

After her EKG we went to the echo room. We brought her monkey pillow pet today, thought it would help her to be calm and relaxed for the echo and I think it worked. She chilled there for Miss Sarah, sometimes giving her some funny looks, but mostly she just laid there. She did have a mini-meltdown when they were looking at her aortic arch, she absolutely hates when they do this part of the exam. She started wanting to sit up and saying all done, but Daddy calmed her down with some Mickey on his Iphone.

When the echo was done Dr Yang came in the room to review the images and was really impressed with how well she's doing (although Fi was not impressed with him). He didn't feel that the weird heart beat sounds I heard were anything to really worry about since she's so active and everything else looks good. Her aorta looks good and pretty much everything is about the same as last time. The only issue that he mentioned today was that her BAV is about 10% more restricted than at our last visit, but since she won't have any intervention until it's in the severe range we get stick to the 6 month schedule. Everything went better than I could have imagined, I feel like we're finally in a calm stage and I'm so happy that surgery won't be any time soon. We are so blessed.

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