Monday, October 3, 2011

GI Visit

Fiona had her 2 month follow up with Dr Charles at Children's today. I was really anxious to see how she's growing. We had cardiology on Sept 22nd she was doing awesome, but in the past couple weeks she didn't really want to eat much, so I wasn't sure whether she'd lost any weight. To my surprise she's actually gained another 6oz (in less than 2wks), she did have a full diaper, but I'll take it :-) Thank you Breeze and Scandical for chunkin this girl up.

Fiona is doing really well and we're rarely struggling with constipation anymore. Upping her miralax was a the best plan. She's been on a full cap daily for the past 3 months and it's been like night and day for her. We even briefly discussed weaning her a bit, but we're going to hold off on that for now since we don't want to mess with a good thing.

Another concern I had going into this apt was Fiona's odd behavior lately. She's been chewing up food and spitting it back out for no apparent reason. I also noticed her sounding like she was going to vomit and then choking after eating last week. I brought these issues and Dr Charles feels that it may be Rumination Syndrome, a behavioral issue where kids spit up undigested food. They're not sure what causes it, but it is usually well controlled by positive reinforcement. He said that punishing usually only makes it worse so we need to praise her when she chews and swallows her food.

We discussed her previous swallow issues, so while the issue isn't a big one now he wants us to watch her closely. His concern is that we may need to do another swallow study if encouraging her to swallow her food doesn't work, if the symptoms get worse, and especially if she begins gagging or choking while eating. Overall good apt and we'll follow up in 2m.

Not specifically related, but I also tried to schedule Fi an apt to get her flu shot. I've been calling about it every week since the beginning of Sept. Well I was told late sept, then I was told 1st week in Oct they'd definitely be in. So after hearing that last week, I called today and they said they're not in yet. Let me also mention that the new phone system at Tulane blows! Instead of selecting speak to a nurse, make an apt, get a refill etc you have to talk to an operator, who then takes a message and passes it along and you have to wait for a call back. I know there are many times when you have to leave a message anyway, but I'd rather select my own department...anyway I digress, after 2 phones calls (missed the call back during GI) we're no closer to getting a flu shot then we were before. Again, I asked why they don't have them when everyone else does, and they told me they don't know, but I can check back next week or take her to Walgreens. So I looked into Walgreens and CVS and neither will do kids under 7, yeah so that's not going to work for us. I wouldn't be as concerned, but last year she got the Flu days before the vaccine came in for her age group at the ped. I'm not sure what I should do, do I call random ped offices and ask if they can do it...ugh.

On a brighter note...Cuteness!
Lion King in 3D...lovin the shades

adorable little fall jacket (thanks uncle Jake and Rachel)

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