Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Kid Won't Grow

We had nutrition today and I was hoping that we would get a good report. I really thought that upping her calories, starting her on the Breeze, encouraging her to eat more, etc would have helped, but she has just stalled. In March she was about 25lb, then she was actually losing weight for a while, now she is 26lb and has been for a little over a month. So in 6 months she's gained about a pound all together, which is not enough for a 2 yr-old.

She should be gaining at least a little each day, but this is not happening. She eats all the time, she loves almost every food imaginable, in fact there are only two that I know she will not eat, tomatoes and shrimp. Our nutritionist gave us a new cal powder to add to her food and drinks, hopefully this will help.

In two weeks we have her 6m cardiology follow up, and though they told me 2 months ago by phone that her lack of weight gain is not heart related, I won't really feel sure of that until they examine her. I'm also somewhat looking forward to this apt, because in going 6m I have more questions and concerns then I usually do because this is our longest stretch. I've also noticed in the past couple days that while Fi sleeps her breathing is sometimes noisy. A little worried by this I decided to listen to her heart and was a little freaked out by the pattern. It seemed to beat normally, then very slowly, almost stopping, then pause for a sec or 2, then slowly again and then normal. She had several of these pauses while I was listening. I'm not sure if this is within the realm of normal, or not, but I'm hoping to get some type of explanation when we see Dr. Yang.

Happy Game Day! Who Dat?!?!

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